UPDATE: Read our post about what Apple announced.

New iPhones On the Way?

iPhone rumours never stop, especially as we come into the traditional window for iPhone launches. With Apple’s announcement of a “Special Event” for 12th September, speculation is rife that updated iPhones – and maybe even entirely new models – are on the way.
So what do we know so far? Officially, Apple have revealed nothing about the 2017 iPhone, not even its name. All we know for sure is that this Special Event takes place on 12th September in Apple’s new Steve Jobs Theatre. Apple will live stream the event on their website, which starts at 6pm Irish time.
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Current iPhone models

iPhone Rumours – New Designs?

As usually happens around the typical iPhone launch times, we’ve seen plenty of mock-ups and allegedly leaked images that claim to show new designs for the iPhone. The most persistent rumour is that the new iPhone will feature no Home button and will have an almost entirely bezel-free, edge-to-edge screen. There are also claims that the new iPhone will support wireless charging and will use face recognition in place of Touch ID.
Most commentators now believe that we will get three new iPhones from Apple this year: the standard ‘S’ speed updates to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and this brand-new handset with even more performance and features.

iPhone 8, iPhone Pro, iPhone X?

What this potential new iPhone will be called isn’t certain. Some are suggesting it will simply be the iPhone 8. Others suggest iPhone Pro, in line with Apple’s laptops and iPads. Others suspect Apple might use this new advanced design to mark the iPhone’s 10th anniversary with an ‘iPhone X’. However, Apple have rarely been the type of company to mark product anniversaries in this way.
Software accidentally released by Apple for their new HomePod product seems to support some of these rumours. It included a new style of handset icon that doesn’t reflect current iPhone designs. It also contained model numbers that seem to reference updated iPhone 7 models.
Whatever ultimately gets announced at Apple’s Special Event next week, you can stay up to date by registering your interest in the new iPhone.