As was announced in July of this year, the Meteor mobile network is becoming Eir. The changeover took place on 8th September 2017.

So what’s actually changing? In real terms, very little. Meteor has been owned by Eir for 12 years and over time their plans, handsets and offers have become virtually identical in all but name. They even use the same phone masts, so you won’t notice any difference in service or coverage.

From 8th September, it will no longer be possible for new customers to sign up to a Meteor bill pay or prepay plan, or buy a Meteor handset. Existing Meteor customers will be contacted by Eir to inform them of any changes.

The most immediate difference Meteor customers will probably notice is the network name on their phone changing to Eir.

Meteor to Eir Billpay Changes

For Meteor Billpay customers, your next bill will feature Eir branding. Your plan will be renamed to its Eir equivalent. Your Meteor plan minutes, texts and data amounts will all remain the same under Eir. There will be no need to update your direct debit details. This will be handled automatically and you will see ‘Eir’ on your bank statement.

Meteor to Eir Prepay Changes

From September 8th, current Meteor Prepay customers should ask for an Eir Top-Up when buying credit. However, some outlets may still offer Meteor Top-Up’s. These will remain valid so if you’ve recently bought a Meteor Top-Up but haven’t activated it, there’s no need to worry. Online Top-Up will still be available, but will now be done through the Eir website at Customers can also top-up using the Eir app.

Meteor to Eir Upgrade Changes

Meteor customers who are due a handset upgrade can complete the upgrade with Eir. You can choose to remain on your current Meteor plan if you wish – this will be considered a ‘legacy’ plan. However, you will most likely find it better value to change to one of the newer Eir plans.

Other Changes

Voicemail and other services: the numbers you dial for voicemail and customer services will remain the same. However, the options available to you when you call will change slightly.