With our smartphone use growing with every passing day and new apps giving us better ways to enjoy them, it can be easy to overlook the core features of a great handset. Donning the name, Core Prime, this entry level Samsung Galaxy handset has set the bar for itself, but will it live up to it?


At 4.5-inches the Core Prime is far from being a small handset, but could be considered a tiny bit on the small side if you’re used to some of the larger flagship models on the market. As you’ll read on you’ll find we are quite complimentary of the entry level Samsung, however the resolution is one area where we weren’t blown away.


Bearing in mind the price of the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, it’s simply amazing how much Samsung has packed in here. Most impressive is perhaps the fact that this great value handset is 4G ready. Just a year ago, handsets with 4G were new on the market and would set you back a pretty penny. Now, thanks to the likes of the Core Prime, you can connect to all your favourite online services with lightning fast speed.


The sign of developing taste in smartphones is most visible through the development of built-in cameras. When looking at the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, it’s extremely difficult to ignore how much this technology would have previously set you back. Not so long ago, a 5MP camera would be reserved for mid to high end handsets. Now this sub-€150 handset packs in a 5MP rear facing camera with LED flash and 2MP front facing for those all-important selfies. You’ll also get very impressive 720p video recording on board the Core Prime.


For the entry price you would be excused for believing the Core Prime would come with 4GB on board memory as standard, but you can double that. This is particularly great if you’re buying the phone for a child/teen as they have a tendency to burn up memory quickly with the installation of games and apps. While the big talk of the town is now octo-core processors, it wasn’t that long ago you’d be the talk of the village if you strolled into the local with a quad-core processor. Sure enough, the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime ensures it brings prime cores to the party, opting for quad-core processors. For the price, this is incredible.

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime quad core

The verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime has been on the market for a few months now and the market itself has spoken. This reasonably priced high-spec handset has been flying out the doors, without coming back. The handset’s great features, coupled with its 4G capabilities and low price point, means the Core Prime should continue to fly out the door. Best get your hands on one before they are all gone.