The Huawei Mate20X – Huawei’s first Gaming Phone

While we were already expecting the flagship announcement of the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro from Huawei on October 16th the company has taken us by surprise this week by teasing the Mate 20X – a flagship phone with Gaming focus. The first teaser seems to hint at prolonged battery life for hard gaming sessions and the ability for the phone to remain cool under tough tasks. We’ll keep you posted if we find out more before the Oct 16th launch in London.

Facebook Portal

Facebook is jumping into the Smart Home space with new devices that will allow users to make voice and video calls to their Facebook friends. The devices, called Portal, will have a tablet-like displays with fitted speakers and front-facing web cameras. The devices will support music streaming platforms such as Spotify along with video streaming. They will also have access to your Facebook galleries and photos.

Instagram – Anti-Bullying AI to help prevent bullying in photos and captions

Instagram is due to launch a new system which will help detect bullying across its members photos and captions; A move clearly designed to maintain its friendly reputation in the social media realm. An AI system has been developed which will target offensive slogans and bullying and will bring them to the attention of a human moderator who can take appropriate action against the bully. Instagram remains one of the last social media channels not to be plagued by controversy and trolling so this will be an added welcome step to maintaining its fun reputation.