The resurgence of the famous Nokia brand is one of the great success stories of recent years. Their return to the top isn’t just thanks to the nostalgia factor of rebooted phones like the 3310 3G. New smartphones such as the Nokia 7 Plus continue their tradition of clean, thoughtful design at an affordable price.
Nokia 7 Plus side

Out of the box, the first thing about the 7 Plus that catches the eye is the contrasting copper trim around the edge. It gives a premium look to the handset, distinguishing it from typical all-black phones. The handset also feels very solidly built, with a unique ceramic feel to its back panel.
Nokia 7 Plus Back
Nokia 7 Plus in hand
The front is dominated by a huge 6-inch screen. Bright, colourful and with HD+ resolution, it’s perfect for watching movies or browsing the web. Taking photos is also much easier with this amount of screen real estate. Both the selfie camera and the dual camera on the back feature Zeiss lenses.

Nokia 7 Plus Android One

The Nokia 7 Plus is part of Google’s Android One programme. This means the phone is guaranteed security updates for the next two years. It also means that it runs ‘stock’ Android (version 8, Oreo) with no modifications or unnecessary additions.
Nokia 7 Plus Android One app drawer

The resulting experience is very much in keeping with the Nokia ethos. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s pure. There’s no frills, no gimmicks and no extra bundled apps that do nothing except copy the functions of standard Google apps. We also found that there were far fewer notifications bombarding us compared to some other handsets we’ve recently looked at.

Overall, the experience feels very crisp and uncluttered, no doubt helped by the Nokia 7 Plus’s octa-core Snapdragon processor and 4GB of RAM.

Camera Performance

The camera app has the same no-nonsense feel. Compared to other handsets, it initially feels a little too barebones. However, this is actually just good design. This camera app stays out of your way and lets you concentrate on taking great pictures. Advanced options, settings and effects are within a few quick taps should you need them.
Nokia 7 Plus camera app

We’ve already mentioned how the size of the screen makes it easy to line up the perfect snap. It also lends itself well to the Picture In Picture and Side By Side modes, which use both the front and back camera together.

The Nokia 7 Plus’s main camera is a dual 12MP + 13MP, with one standard Zeiss lens and one telephoto Zeiss lens. Its photos pop with colour and capture a good amount of detail.

Though the camera offers a special depth of field mode for blurred background effects, the basic Auto setting seems to do a very nice job of this by itself. However, the advantage of the Depth of Field mode is that you can adjust the background blur afterwards.

On the front, the selfie camera offers a Zeiss lens and 16MP resolution. It too captures plenty of detail – so much so that you may want to slide the ‘Beautify’ setting to maximum.

Click on any of the Nokia 7 Plus camera sample images below to view them in full size.
Nokia 7 Plus flower photo
Even quick snaps on Auto can have professional-looking blurred backgrounds.

Nokia 7 Plus oranges photo
Lots of detail and very accurate colours.

Nokia 7 Plus city photo
The view from HQ.

Nokia 7 Plus panorama photo
Testing the Nokia 7 Plus panorama mode.

Nokia 7 Plus bokeh photo
A subtle bokeh applied to the 'busters.

Overall Impressions

A bit of a pocket-buster in size but not so in price, the Nokia 7 Plus offers terrific build quality and features in a thoughtfully designed package. It can hold its own against far pricier opposition in terms of performance and style and is a fine addition to Nokia’s tradition of well-crafted, great value handsets. And the battery is huge too.