"10 years of innovation in the making" is the tagline we are presented with as we received our Samsung Galaxy S10+ review unit last week here in Carphone Warehouse. And we must admit the statement proves true after spending a few days with the S10+.

In this phone, Samsung appears to have honed everything which makes the company stand out in an ever-growing more competitive market. The infinity display has been redefined, the software overhauled and the camera, well the camera may be the most fun and efficient camera on a Samsung flagship yet. The S10+ even gives you the superpower to share your battery power and bring your friend's phone back to life if it's drained (more on this later). Let's dive right in shall we and see why this may just be the phone to beat in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus



The base model we are reviewing comes with 128GB of expandable storage and 8GB of RAM making the S10+ a true power-house flagship. This in turn is helped by Samsung's new software interface – One UI. One UI makes this generation of Samsung flagship feel even snappier – Screens are less cluttered, icons pop with colour and quick launches and shortcuts get more intelligent the longer you use your handset. The phone quickly learns your favourite apps so they are always within a quick swipe.

But that's not all that lies beneath the screen, this year Samsung have introduced an Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner. No longer is the back of your phone home to a scanner (which you may inevitably miss and smudge your camera lense) but instead the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner lies beneath the front screen. The phone is super light weight to hold, even with its large 6.4" infinity-O display (more on that in a bit) and feels incredibly comfortable in the hand. And yes, Samsung has held onto the headphone jack for you audiophiles out there (at least for another year).

Infinity-O Display


Samsung flagships have long been known to stand out from the ‘notch' crowd the past number of years and this year is no exception. Samsung didn't adopt the notch trend, it has started a whole new one for flagships in Ireland – we introduce you to the infinity-O display. This dynamic AMOLED display is gorgeous and stretches from top to bottom and wraps elegantly to the aluminium sides.

These displays make watching content on the go an incredible experience. Video is colourful, punchy and the S10+ brings along the ability to watch content at HDR10+. Better still, all S10+ come with a fitted screen protector to help protect this impressive display. The colourway this year is as equally impressive with striking Prism White, Green and Black finishes which are sure to catch people's eyes.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen



The S10+ features a triple camera (12MP Wide, 12MP Zoom & 16MP Ultra-Wide) on its rear and a Dual front-facing camera (10MP 2DP + 8MP) in its infinity-O display. The camera performance is what we have come to expect of Samsung flagships; images are detailed, clean and punchy. The colours are alive and vivid, and the dynamic range is excellent.

However, our favourite new feature has to be the Ultra-Wide camera mode. Put simply this is the most fun wide-angle camera we have shot with so far and allows the user to capture their memories in an even bigger picture. Up front the all new dual pixel selfie camera is 4K capable which may make it a must buy for all you want to be influencers out there. The Depth Sensors up front also allow for outstanding portraits.

Battery & Powershare


The S10+ comes with a huge 4,100mAh battery – one of the biggest battery packs on the market right now. Better yet Samsung include their Adaptive Fast Charger in the box which can bring your S10+ from flat to 40% charge in just half an hour.

But that's not all, this year Samsung has another trick up its sleeve – introducing Powershare. You can now use your S10+ device to power up a friend's device (once it is capable of wireless charging). Or handier still you can charge your Galaxy Watch or new Galaxy Buds with just your phone. We can see this being super convenient for people travelling as they will only need one charging cable for their device but in turn may charge another at the same time.



The Galaxy S10+ really does feel like a phone 10 years in the making – it has honed everything which makes Samsung such a power-player in the mobile world and improved it in every way, from hardware to software. The new infinity-O display is the most futuristic screen we have reviewed to date and the camera is one of the most intuitive and fun. Samsung have once again show us they can go beyond infinity.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ are available now in Carphone Warehouse.