Whether you’ve accidentally dropped your phone down the toilet, or you just want to get your hands on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 next week to impress your friends, you may be eligible for an early upgrade. Often, all you have to do is call into your local Carphone Warehouse and ask the question ‘can I upgrade early?’.

Q. Why would I want to upgrade early?

A. As we’ve mentioned above, sometimes phones meet with unfortunate ends – whether it’s down the toilet or off the car roof – and not everyone has insurance. Or maybe you just want to upgrade to the latest phone on the market.  It could even be that a family member has their eye on your phone and is waiting for you to upgrade!

Q. How early can I upgrade?

A. You can upgrade early on all Irish networks, but it does depend on several factors.  

You will still need to have completed the majority of your contract. When you signed up, the network subsidised the cost of the handset into your contract. The earliest a network will consider an early upgrade is within the final four months of your contract.

Within these final four months, there are a few additional things that the network takes into consideration before allowing you an early upgrade – If, during your contract term,  some of your bills were higher than your contracted monthly allowance; or if you signed up to add ons, you may not be allowed to upgrade early.

Q. I’m only six months into a 12-month contract, can I still upgrade?

A. If you’ve made up your mind about upgrading early, but you’re not far enough into your contract, all is not lost. Sometimes, a network may allow a customer to ‘buy out’ the end of their contract. While this certainly isn’t an ideal solution, it may be cheaper than buying your lost Samsung Galaxy S6 again.

Q. I’m on a SIM only plan. Can I upgrade?

A. SIM only plans are a great way to try out bill pay, particularly as you can also upgrade on them! Once you’ve been on a SIM only plan for four months you can upgrade to a new plan with a handset.

Q. Can I upgrade with Carphone Warehouse?

A. Yes indeed! You can upgrade your phone with Carphone Warehouse even if you originally purchased it in a network store or online.

If you’ve had some misfortune with your phone, or simply want the latest tech and have fulfilled the majority of your contract, there’s no harm in visiting your nearest Carphone Warehouse store and having a chat to a member of staff about your upgrading options.