Great news if you've got butter fingers or pure bad luck. Team Knowhow's new mobile phone repair centre is now open on Henry Street, Dublin, offering fast, great value fixes.


There's nothing worse than when your phone slips from your grip. The sickening sound as it hits the floor. The cold dread as you stare at it. You think about just leaving it there. The thought of picking it up and turning it over to check the screen is just too much.

If you're lucky, it's just a crack. Maybe you'll still be able to use it. Okay, you'll risk slicing open your finger on the glass each time you answer a call, but that's better than an expensive screen replacement, right?

Thankfully, Team Knowhow is on hand. Our experts have just opened a brand-new repair centre over our Henry Street, Dublin store. From this convenient location, they offer great value smartphone screen replacements. Better still, most fixes take less than 3 hours. Drop in your phone, do a bit of shopping around Dublin City Centre, and call back to collect your good-as-new phone.

Mobile Phone Repair Centre, Carphone Warehouse Henry Street, Dublin


Fixing your screen is just one of the many services Team Knowhow's mobile phone repair centre offers. If your battery is draining faster than usual or you're having unexpected shutdowns, there's no need to suffer on or spring for a whole new handset. You might just need a software update to squash a power-hungry bug. Or why not start fresh with an entirely new battery to get your phone back to its best?

Headphone and charging ports tend to take a beating with everyday use and wear and tear. If your port has worked its way loose and gives a bad connection, Team Knowhow can get you back to synching and listening in no time.

Carphone Warehouse Phone Repairs, Henry Street Dublin


Team Knowhow's Mobile Phone Repair Centre can repair all the most popular brands, including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and more. Call in to the team above Carphone Warehouse Henry Street. Open Monday to Saturday.

Further details including pricing are available here.