Want to speed up your typing on your iPhone or learn some simple tips and tricks to improve efficiency? You've come to the right place ... 

Master of the web

If you’ve scrolled down a web page and want to jump back to the top, simply double tap the status bar and you’ll be taken back to the top.
Web scrolling
Swipe left from the right hand edge of the screen to go back one web page.
swipe left iPhone shortcut
Hold down the full stop '.' key when typing in a web address. Additional buttons will appear for you to choose, including popular ‘.com’ and ’co.uk’ options.
shortcuts for web extensions

Make the most of Siri

Easily add items to a shared groceries list. Simply create a List called ‘Groceries’ in iCloud and share this list with your other half or housemate.

Then the next time you need to add something to the list, simply say ‘Siri, add apples to the Groceries list’, and voila, the list will be automatically updated on both on your mobile phones.
Siri adds to the groceries list
Don't have  the Shazam app? Don't worry Siri is on hand to tell you exactly what  song is playing.

Simply press down your home button and ask: ‘What music is playing?'

Siri listening to a song

Speed up your typing

If you type out regular phrases, addresses or instructions, speed things up by giving them unique acronyms.

When typed, your iPhone will then automatically change these back into the longer text version. So if you type ‘hru’, and the keyboard will change it to ‘how are you’. Popular phrases to shorten include:
  • Your home address (to text to people and when using maps)
  • Instructions to get to your flat, if you are in a large apartment complex.
  • Regular phrases you send in a text, such as ‘How are you’, ‘Where are you’ and ‘Fancy a pint?’.
These text shortcuts also sync between all your iOS devices making your life easier across the board. To create your text shortcuts, simply going to Settings  > General >  Keyboard > Shortcuts.
Shortcuts for faster typing

 To see when a message was sent to you, hold down the message in the message thread and push it to the left. The time will then appear on the right. 

message time feed

If you only need to enter one digit (or a symbol), press and hold '123', then swipe your finger to the digit and then release.

The keyboard will then automatically switch back to letters. 
symbol shortcut for iPhone

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