The Nokia 800 Tough arrived into our office just before Christmas 2019. Just the right time to test something that thrives in the harsh conditions of an Irish winter.
But is it smart and tough – a difficult balance to find in something like a phone that’s precious to many but goes through all the bumps and scrapes of everyday life.
Nokia 800 Tough Review

Nokia have always been the masters of durability. Remember the 3310 – I’ve seen these dropped countless times – clicked back together (in the days when batteries could be removed) and up and running in seconds, none the worse for wear. The business friendly 6310 with about a decade of battery life and the little 8210, so small it must have been sat on from the day it arrived in the shops.

So what’s Nokia brought to the 800 Tough except from wrapping their already durable hardware in a waterproof – shock proof & almost indestructible outer casing?
Here comes the smart bit. The Nokia 800 Tough runs on the 4G network so it’s going to breeze through long calls and munch through loads of data – so for business users – farmers, couriers, field engineers, fisherman – you get the idea – anybody who does their business in the outdoors, it’s going to be ideal. Add festival goers, water sports enthusiasts & mountain bikers you have the smartphone that does not really mind getting its hands dirty.

The KaiOS, which this phone (and many other new Nokia phones) is built on gives you access to a number of smartphone apps that we’ve all become accustomed to, and is loaded with WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Maps and it also supports Google Assistant, so even if you’re busy with the chainsaw you can still give your phone instructions, just remember to shout.
Nokia 800 Tough

So in summary, with a durable exterior and smart interior the Nokia 800 Tough is a speciality phone – but with built in LED flashlight, FM radio, MicroSD card slot a 2MP camera and the battery life you would expect from traditional Nokia phones this phone has a place – and that place is outdoors being dropped, stamped on, driven over & shouted at – but it’s going to come back for more and it will always be there, ready, when you need it.