We take a quick look at some of the more interesting new and updated smartphone apps on both Apple iPhone and Android.


Google Maps Icon In the same way that MP3 killed the CD, Google Maps has slowly been killing the sat-nav industry. And while Google Maps is actually pretty old by app standards – it was first launched in 2008 – how it is evolving is pretty much at the cutting edge.

Not only does it tell you how to get somewhere, Maps can also give a rough estimate on how long it will take you. It can use data on typical traffic levels for every hour of the day to give an incredibly accurate journey time. It can also indicate where along the way you’re most likely to hit a hold-up.

Google Maps can provide details on public transport or pedestrian routes, as well as showing you points of interest along the way. Need to stop off at a petrol station? No problem, Maps will find the nearest one to you.

Google Maps is available as standard on Android phones, and can also be installed on the iPhone.




It’s January and one of your resolutions is to learn something new this year. Maybe it’s a topic which will help you in work, or just something you’ve always wanted to find out more about.

If you’re tired of searching YouTube for tutorials – and let’s face it, they can be hit and miss – Udemy offers structured learning. They have a wide range of free courses to sample, with more advanced tutorials available for a small price.

The courses offered cover everything from coding to parenting, from learning to sing to starting your own brewery. Courses are available in podcast style or as video tutorials which can be viewed on your phone or streamed to your TV via Chromecast or Apple TV.

Udemy is available for both Android and iOS and is free of charge. Some course content may require purchase.



Firefox Focus

Many online ad companies use small tracking files so they can record information about the sites you browse and what you search for. This information is then used to target advertisements at you.

Firefox Focus is a ‘privacy browser’ and immediately blocks this sort of tracking without the need to change default settings. Compare this to most other web browsers, which require you to go digging through their menus to find the Do Not Track options.

Firefox Focus automatically blocks adverts as well, which usually means websites load faster and are more secure. It can also automatically erase your history, login details and more, so anyone using your phone after you can’t access your accounts.

Firefox Focus is available free on both Android and iOS.



Drivvo App

Have you ever wondered how much your car actually costs you to run every year? You probably have a rough idea, but imagine how helpful it would be if you knew exactly. Drivvo does exactly that. It’s designed to track every last cent which you put into your car. From a car wash to refuelling, to NCT costs to maintenance.

Having all this info in one place is very helpful and can have a real impact on your finances. If your old car chugs along nicely, why spend ten times more on a new one? Or if you’re endlessly pouring cash into your car, seeing the full costs written in front of you might inspire you to finally trade it in for something new.

Either way, tracking your car expenses with Drivvo will help you decide on what’s best for you.

Drivvo is available for free on both Android or iOS.



Upflix App

While we all love Netflix, it’s hard to keep track of new films and shows. Easily find out what’s available to you with Upflix. It’s a free service and will help you manage your marathons much more effectively.

Upflix has detailed information about Netflix’s catalogue, with trailers, trivia and reviews. Rankings are based off scores on IMDB, Flixster, Rotten Tomatoes and other similar services. It also pulls in the latest Netflix and cinema news from the major entertainment websites. See what shows are being talked about and then watch them for yourself to decide if they’re worth the hype.

Upflix is free on both Android and iOS. (Naturally a Netflix subscription is required to get full use out of this app).

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