As part of its battle with the iPhone and Samsung, Huawei has put a lot of effort into the camera on their flagship P10 smartphone. It’s a wise move, and pays off for both Huawei and their customers.

Huawei P10 Portrait EffectA decade ago, nobody would have thought that your phone would replace a hand-held camera, yet that’s exactly what’s happened. How often have you seen regular cameras being used when out and about? Not too often, and for good reason. It’s because the results you get from a phone like the P10 are phenomenal.

For a start, the P10 has a dual-lens which was developed by Leica, the famous German company. Having two lenses might seem pointless, but it’s not. It allows for all sorts of photo effects, portrait enhancement, incredible low-light performance and for simultaneous colour/black and white shots. For a high-end smartphone, it’s become a standard feature.

P10 Camera Interface

Booting up the P10’s camera is quick, and you can do so without entering your PIN. There’s a simple logic to the camera’s set-up. On the top of the screen, you have the ‘amateur’ features and at the bottom of the screen, there are the ‘pro’ settings.

Amateur Camera Settings

The amateur features include flash, portrait and a ‘wide aperture’ setting. It’s unusual that the aperture setting is considered ‘amateur’ as it requires a little bit of photography knowledge. But once you have this setting on, you can blur a subject’s background after you’ve taken a shot to get impressive and professional-looking photos.

Pro Camera Settings

On the ‘Pro’ menu, you have such features as shutter speed, ISO and Automatic White Balance settings, which harks back to traditional photography. Tweaking these settings is straight-forward and intuitive. Once you understand these concepts, putting them into practice is simple, and the results are amazing.

However, it’s not just the difference between the amateur and pro settings which sets this phone apart, nor the lenses: it’s the P10’s photo modes.

Swipe the phone from the left to the right and a new menu appears. Here we have options like slow-mo, panorama, time-lapse and night shot. While you can adjust the pro settings to get the same effects, using these preset modes makes for instant and superb results.


When it comes to its camera, the Huawei P10 sits at the top table alongside the other contenders for the title of Best Smartphone Camera. Whether you are using each and every setting to perfect your near-professional shots, or grabbing snaps on a night out, the results you’ll get are awesome.

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