In a poll carried out among 2,100 parents, 94% admitted they had no control over what their children see or do online. iKydz is an Irish owned company with a series of products which allow concerned parents to filter online content, limit their child's screen time, and even deactivate or block sites and apps entirely. Even better, setup takes just minutes and it can all be controlled from an easy-to-use app.

iKydz app on phone

Let's look at some of our favourite iKydz features:

Does this sound familiar: the teenager who can't get out of bed in the morning, a game console controller or smartphone still clasped in their hands from the night before. iKydz allows parents to create daily and weekly schedules which will shut down Internet access at the parents' desired time. No more phones at the dinner table, no more late night gaming sessions. It's also great around study time, when you can promise a few hours online in return for hitting the books.


A very popular feature on the iKydz Mobile line is the ability to use Geolocate to find exactly where your child is at any given time. It provides peace of mind and makes it much easier to arrange lifts and meeting places. It also means you can be sure they're not straying too far afield, and that they're where they told you they'd be.

Block Apps

iKydz allows parents to limit or even block access to apps. One of the biggest concerns for parents is messenger apps like Kik and Snapchat that might allow a stranger make contact with their child. The iKydz team consistently monitors the App Stores for potentially dangerous or problematic apps. These are regularly added to the iKydz in-app block list, making it easy for parents to control their child's usage of them.

Age-based Restrictions

Another outstanding feature of the iKydz line is the ability for restrictions and schedules to be determined by the child’s age. Rather than a ‘blanket ban,’ you can encourage responsbile Internet usage. Your teenager can be given access to a wider range of sites which may feature more grown-up or mature content, while their younger sibling can be safely kept restricted to a few kid-friendly pages. iKydz allows the parent to control who has access to what within the household.

At Carphone Warehouse and Currys PC World we have an iKydz device to suit every parent’s needs:

iKydz Mobile

iKydz Mobile is installed on your child's smartphone. It gives you control over what they access online, even over their 3G/4G data connection. If your child is about to get their first smartphone, iKydz Mobile is the perfect way to give you peace of mind as they set off into the digital world. You can set content and age restrictions, geo-locate your child, and even shut their Internet down if needs be.  

iKydz Mobile is only €4.99 per month and is available at Carphone Warehouse. It's also available bundled with the Nokia 1 and Nokia 2.1, perfect starter phones.


iKydz Home and iKydz Pro

iKydz Home and iKydz Pro plug into your existing broadband box at home. They allow you to create a safe and secure broadband connection for your children, which you can control from the iKydz app. It's easy to set-up and offers all the content filtering and scheduling features mentioned above.

iKydz Home is now available for just €99.99. iKydz Pro offers extra speed and network ports, great for houses with streamers and gamers. iKydz Pro is available for €139.99 at Carphone Warehouse and Currys PC World.