It’s one of the smartphone launches that we all have been waiting for – the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

It’s a smartphone which aims to compete with the best of the best, a high-end handset for people who demand a lot from their phone.

So with expectations at an all-time high, what’s the Note8 actually like?

Well, to start with, it’s a beautiful design which is similar to the S8 and looks and feels like a thoroughly  premium phone. As for colours, it comes in black and gold.

Samsung has always had a lot of interest in their designs, and this phone will certainly not disappoint.

Infinity Display

Another first impression is the screen, or the ‘infinity display’. It’s a decent 6.3 inches which is big enough to watch HD movies on or perform business-related tasks with apps such as Microsoft Excel.

Unlike smaller displays, you can actually boot up a spreadsheet and do some work. This is part of Samsung’s vision for this phone as it can actually compete with your laptop for business productivity. The screen wraps around the phone’s edges which gives you more viewing experience and also writing space with the S Pen stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Note8

This stylus is another classic feature. It will appeal to people who have gotten used to scribbling notes on their devices. Apart from taking notes, you can sketch pictures and draw on photographs which you have taken. It slots into the side of the phone, and even works when the phone is locked – which is a very handy and impressive feature. Turning your phone into an old-fashioned notebook will appeal to many.

The Galaxy Note8 is also water and dust resistant which makes it perfect for business travellers and those on the move.

Great Power and memory

From a power and storage perspective, the Note8 has an octa-core processor, 64GB of storage (with microSD support up to 256GB), and 6GB of RAM. In short, enough processing power to rival a lot of laptops. In fact, with its DeX Station – a docking station which you can buy separately – your phone becomes as useful as a mid-level laptop.

Samsung DeX

As for its battery, you can talk for up to 22 hours, which is pretty impressive for a smartphone.

The camera is another talking point. It has dual 12 MP cameras with both wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Both camera sensors offer image stabilization so you will be able to push the telephoto lens to the max, and still get results. You can save images in RAW format and there’s even a ‘Food’ mode if you are prone to posting images of your dinner online.

The video recorder offers 4K video recording at 30 fps or 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps. You can also cast to your television with Smart View.

Introducing Bixby

As for as a ‘personal assistant’, the Note8’s comes in the form of Bixby. Like other such assistants, Bixby monitors your activities and offers reminders, music suggestions, news feeds and weather among other items, all based on your routine and location.

Samsung has high hopes for Bixby as it has its own dedicated button.

Take Note - Samsung Note8 specs:

  • Screen size: 6.3 inch quad HD
  • Dimensions: 162.5 x 74.6 x 8.5mm
  • Camera: Dual 12MP main, 8MP rear
  • Video: 4K video recording at 30 fps
  • Software: Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Charging: wired and wireless (wireless charger sold separately)

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Security and performance

High-end business phones require robust security and the Note8 does not disappoint.

On a biometric level there’s an adequate fingerprint reader positioned high-up on the back of the phone. You can also unlock the phone with your iris or face. There’s the usual PIN, password or pattern, too.

Another great feature is App Pair. As the name suggests, it allows you to group two apps together and open them at the same time, in a split-screen view. This allows you to watch a movie while leaving space on-screen to keep an eye on your emails. In effect, it’s turning your phone more and more into a laptop.

The Samsung Note8 is a high-end smartphone which has the core business-user in its sights. It will appeal to those busy professionals who will love its large screen, stylus and enough power under the hood to run apps and heavy-business applications.

In many ways, it’s a phone which bridges the gap between a smaller phone and a laptop, but not as large as a tablet.

All in all, a great phone and one which will be, no doubt, in great demand.

Pre-order the Note8 now.