Time for an upgrade? Here’s everything you need to know about trading in your old phone at Carphone Warehouse.

Q. First things first, what exactly is a trade in?

A. This is when you exchange your old phone for a new one at Carphone Warehouse. Simple!

Q. Why should I trade in my phone?

A. If you have a phone that's been lying around your house for ages, just gathering dust, or if you’re bored of you current phone you can trade it in and get money off a new phone – whether you’re on pre pay or bill pay.

Even if the phone you want is free on a bill pay package, you can still trade in your old phone and put the trade in value against insuring your new handset or buying accessories for it.

Q. How does Carphone Warehouse value my phone?

A. There are only a few checks that need to take place when valuing a phone. We need to see that the phone isn’t damaged in any way  so no chips, dents or cracks  and we’ll also check to make sure all of the basic functions works, e.g. so we'll check to make sure the camera works or the Wi-Fi can be enabled.

If you’re trading in an iPhone, you’ll need to make sure the ‘Find my iPhone’ function has been turned off – otherwise we won’t be able to accept the phone for trade in. To turn this off go to Settings> iCloud > and switch ‘Find my iPhone’ off.

Damage to the phone will also determine the value so cracked screens and dents on the sides will devalue the phone. Think of it like you’re trading in your old car – the salesman will check every part of the car to give you the best value; it's the same when trading in your phone, so the better the condition the higher the value you’ll receive.

Q. How do I keep the information I’ve stored on my old phone?

A. This is easy. There are lots of ways to back-up your data on your phone and it’s a good idea to do this even if you’re not trading in your old phone.

Each operating system has a different tool you can use. Apple has an iCloud backup; Android has Google Drive; and Windows has One Drive.

As well as the operating system options, many phone manufacturers offer their own handy tools for transferring data; e.g. SmartSwitch with Samsung; HTC Transfer; and Xperia Transfer with Sony.

In most cased when you buy a phone from one of these manufacturers they will provide all the cables and instruction to help you move your data.

The ‘walk out working’ promise at Carphone Warehouse will also ensure that all your info is transferred before you leave the store and you phone is in full working order.

Q. What’s the value of my phone?

A. If you want to know how much you can get on a trade in, check out the trade in section of our site to get an instant evaluation of your phone The trade in pricing supplied is estimated so you'll need to follow up with your nearest Carphone Warehouse store for a verified trade in pricing. 

Find out more about trade ins at Carphone Warehouse in our 'Help' section.