As residents of the digital age, we value a good quality broadband connection; in fact we demand it. But are you really getting the best speed for your area? Could an alternative provider offer you better speeds and quality? Here's our guide to testing your current provider’s broadband speed to find out.

Broadband speed explained

Ireland has two primary forms of broadband infrastructure; ADSL and fibre. These types of broadband use traditional copper telephony cabling and more modern fibre-optic materials respectively. The latter provides a much faster average broadband speed and is also more reliable.

Try out the below download speed calculator, which estimates how long it should take to download selected items:


Preparing for your broadband speed test

When testing your broadband speed, it’s important to understand you will always see variances in the results. Broadband quality can be affected by several factors, including but not limited to: broadband type, device used and whether you are wired into your modem at home or connected over Wi-Fi.

If you want to test the maximum broadband you are receiving at home, make sure that you use an Ethernet cable to connect your desktop or laptop directly into the modem. By wiring directly into the modem, you are giving the test the chance to detect the highest speed. By using Wi-Fi you immediately limit your internet connection to that of your device’s hardware. 

Testing your broadband speed

broadband speed test

Now that you know the results you would like to achieve and how to get the most from your test, it’s time to find out what your connection can do. 

Ookla is the world’s most popular solution for testing broadband speeds. Simply click the image below and then select ‘Begin Test’, you’ll then soon just how fast your home broadband is.

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