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ID Requirements

What proofs do I need to get a Phone Contract?

To sign up to a phone contract, we require a number of proofs from you. These proofs are standard for bill pay transactions as they involve direct debit payments. For the majority of bill pay transactions online and in store, we will require the following:

Photo Identification:

There are two primary forms of acceptable photo ID a driver’s licence and a passport. These must contain some key pieces of information:

•    Be in date and show the expiry date
•    Display date of birth
•    Display your photo
•    Display your signature
•    If applicable, your details must match existing information held by a network

Proof of Address:

To set up your direct debit, we will need a valid proof of address to be supplied. There are various acceptable proofs of address, which must be original and dated within the past three months.

•    Bank statement 
•    Credit card statement
•    Utility bill
•    If applicable, your details must match existing information held by a network

We will also need your direct debit details if these are not included in any of the above.

For online orders, you will also need to tell us how long you have been with the bank whose details you supplied with your order.

Are you switching network?

To make the switch from one network to another as smooth as possible, we will also require a copy of a bill from your previous network.

Sometimes we may require more documentation, but we will let you know if that is the case.

If you'RE going to collect from a store?

The documentation required for collecting in store is usually the same as above. You will also need to bring a chip and pin credit or debit card to store with you. 


Irish Driver’s Licence:



Irish Passport:

Ensure when taking a photograph of your passport, that page 3 and 4 are clearly visible as per the image below.


proof of address example:



When taking a photo of your proof of address, we need to see the full page clearly. Ensure the image is not blurry, with all the requirements above, clearly visible.



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