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Trade Ins

What checks will be done to determine the trade in value of my device?

There are five checks done on your device before you can trade it in:

  1. Does the device switch on and work?
  2. Are there any cracks chips or damage to the display?
  3. Are there any major scratches cracks or chips on the casing or back cover?
  4. Does the touchscreen/keyboard and all other buttons work?
  5. Have all security codes and 'Find my iPhone' been deactivated?

How should I prepare my device for trade in?

We encourage people to back up photos, contacts and all other data which they would like to keep or move to their new phone. If you don’t, you may lose it as we wipe all devices. Disable passwords/passcodes and security features such as 'Find my iPhone'.  Lastly ensure your memory card and SIM card are safely removed.  

When I trade in can I get my phone back to get some information off it?

No, when you trade in your phone the customer agrees to give it to Carphone Warehouse, the phone is then the property of Carphone Warehouse and will be sent to be reset and recycled.

I don’t want to lose my contacts/pictures/videos/document. How to I transfer my data?

There is several ways to do this based on operating system:
  • Apple: iCloud Back Up
  • Android: Gmail and Google Drive
  • Windows: Outlook and One Drive

Can I trade in a handset without buying a new phone?

No, you must purchase a new phone to avail of our trade in offers and must trade in at the time of purchase.

What happens to my phone when I trade it in?

The phone is set to factory reset, removing all data, and it is recycled.

How much will I get for my trade in handset?

The discount you receive on a new handset when you trade in an old one depends on the handset you're trading in and when you buy. Check out our guide or ask in store for trade in pricing.

What are the terms and conditions for trading in a phone?

The phone must have been on sale and available in Ireland in the past 24 months, include battery and power up. The phone must be one of the following brands: LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Sony, HTC, Apple, Motorola, Alcatel, Huawei or ZTE.

How can I trade in my old handset?

You can trade in your old handset against any new handset in any Carphone Warehouse retail store. You cannot currently trade in on

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