Feeling nostalgic for the TV shows of yore?  We’ve already seen the return of Robot Wars, The X Files and last week the one-off special of Goodnight Sweetheart – did we time travel back to the mid-90s? – but what other relaunches or reboots can we expect to hit our screens over the next six months? Well quite a few actually.

1. Gilmore Girls

Starting with one of the most beloved TV shows of the early 2000s, we’ve known about the return of Lorelai, her namesake daughter, Rory, and the cast of loveable oddballs that inhabit Stars Hollow, for some time. And luckily – for this one – we already have *most* of the details.

Coming to Netflix on November 25th, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life picks up with the Gilmores nearly 10 years after the last episode of the original series aired, for four 90-minute episodes. By all accounts, it looks like all of our favourites have returned, including Melissa McCarthy’s Sookie and Jared Padalecki’s Dean.  Check out the teaser trailer below.

2. Cold Feet

The TV show that launched James Nesbitt’s career, Cold Feet returned to ITV in the UK last week, following a 13-year absence. All bar one of the original cast members has returned – you’ll know who that one is if you saw the finale of the original series – and are now middle-aged and dealing with things like teenage children and mortgage debt.

The first episode – which will air on UTV Ireland tonight – was well received by audiences and critics alike, so let’s hope the rest of the series can live up to it.

3. Prison Break

For a TV show that lost its way pretty early on in its run – after the first season in our opinion – we were surprised to hear that heavily tattooed Michael Scofield would be back to break out of yet another prison in 2017. But it looks like he’s determined to prove us wrong and will be returning in spring 2017 for season five – after eight years on the run – to escape from a maximum security prison somewhere in the Middle East.

Again, much of the original cast are returning, including Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows and Robert Knepper as the genuinely horrible T-Bag.

4. Twin Peaks

Cult 90s – and we’re talking very early 90s – classic Twin Peaks is also set to return in 2017 for a limited series.

It’s been 25 years since we last saw Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and the gang, and while Laura Palmer’s murder was solved in the original, we’re pretty sure Dale and creator David Lynch will have no problem digging up some more dirt in the sleepy fictional Washington town.

5. MacGyver

Before Bear Grylls we had Angus MacGyver, fictional, mulleted 90s superstar who was somehow able to build a bomb with chewing gum wrappers, a paper clip and a pen; amazing. Anyway CBS is bringing young Angus back, possibly as the son of the original Mac, to the small screen this month with its reboot.

Fun fact, Henry Winkler – yes The Fonz –was the original executive producer and is also onboard with the new series.

6. Xena: Warrior Princess​

Details on this one are pretty slim, but what we do know is Saturday afternoon’s kickass princess, Xena is returning some time in 2017, but not as we know her.

Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor, the original Xena and Gabrielle, will not be returning for the reboot, which means the roles are likely to be recast by much younger actors, we might even get an origins story with this one.
Xena Warrior Princess

7. Star Trek

Finally, we have one for the Trekkies. Yes, following the success of the J.J. Abrams’ movie reboot, Star Trek is coming back to the small screen in January with Star Trek: Discovery.  A trailer for the new series – which will be available on Netflix – was unveiled at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con in July and promises a new ship and a host of new characters.

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