Downloading music, trying new apps, and taking photos on your iPhone provides hours of entertainment. This fun may not last forever.

All is not lost however, with an efficient use of cloud services, as well as a ruthless attitude toward apps you don't really need, or want, you can free up your iPhone for the content that really matters. Here are five simple hacks to help you free up space on your iPhone:

Delete your text messages

Everyone knows the usual suspects for taking up large amounts of space on your iPhone; music, videos, photos, but what you may not realise is that text messages can quickly occupy hundreds of megabytes of space if you're not careful.

This will happen even quicker if you send and receive pictures and video via MMS. Texts can easily be deleted from within the Messages app, so we'd say, if it isn't crucial, dump it.

iPhone messages

Back up and delete photos and videos

One of the best things about having a device like an iPhone is the ability to capture great moments in photo or video using your iPhone's camera. Getting very snap-happy can fast fill the space on iPhone to bursting point. Luckily, there are a number of methods of getting videos and pictures uploaded to iCloud so that they're not occupying space on your iPhone.

Apple provides iCloud storage for iPhone owners which provides 5GB of free space. And just in case 5GB is not enough, there are a number of third party cloud apps and services that can be used with iPhone like Dropbox and Google Drive which provide 2GB and 15GB of free space respectively. All of these cloud-based solutions can automatically back up your content when you are connected to a wireless network. If you're a 4G customer you can upload over your data connection.

Delete music and stream from the cloud

How to delete musicMost of us will use an iPhone as an MP3 player. Storing music libraries on your phone while you're on the go you won't have much space on your iPhone for anything else. There's an easy fix for this as Apple Music and iTunes are now better integrated, with cloud based solutions, than ever.
Once you've got an online connection, all iTunes purchases, both music and video, are playable regardless of whether they're stored on your device or not. iTunes match takes this to the next level, making your entire Mac or PC music collection accessible from the cloud. With these options, you can delete all your songs.

You may want to save just a few favourites that you rely on for offline listening.

Delete unused apps

How to delete appsAll of us are guilty of racking up a bunch of apps that we never use. Most of us use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. at some stage during the day but there are plenty of apps occupying space on your iPhone that probably never see the light. While some apps are just a few megabytes, a bunch of unused software is just a big pile of wasted space.

Quite simply, if you don't use an app, delete it. Especially if you have big games that you no longer play. These will just eat up space on your iPhone and slow down its performance. That's potentially a few gigs of space easily recovered.

Delete in-app content

It may not seem like a place where much data resides, the iBooks app for example takes up hardly any space on your iPhone, but, if you've packed it full of digital magazines and books you could be heading for storage issues. It's important to monitor in-app content; the original size of the size will not reflect any additional downloads made within the app itself.

Following these steps and with some basic house keeping, it actually becomes easier to maintain a lower capacity iPhone than one with a larger capacity and in most cases it also means that your precious music, photos and video are backed up should the unthinkable happen to your iPhone.

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