Don't throw your bill in the bin – it could tell you what plan you really need. Here's how. 

Let’s face it, we all have busy lives, so when that phone bill comes in the letterbox or lands in our inbox, we usually just ignore it and wait for the payment to go through.
But your inertia could be costing you money. Why? Because your phone bill contains a wealth of information about how you use your phone – the numbers you call most often (whether landline or mobile), whether you use more texts than minutes, and how many calls you make to your own network (these are usually free as part of your bundle).

We know that it's tedious, but if you can set aside time to sit down just once every six months or so and go through your bills in depth, it could contain all the information you need to help you decide if you could have a better and cheaper plan.

Here are some ways to make that call as to whether you're on the right plan or not:

Are you a texter or a talker?

Your bill will normally include a very clear breakdown of the number of texts you send each month vs. the number of voice calls you make. Most current plans will give you flexibility on how you spend your allowance.

In other words, you could use all of your texts in one month and all of your calls the next, and it would make no difference, assuming you're under your total allowance cap.

Make sure you're on a flexible plan like this, as otherwise you could be paying over the odds by allocating too much of your allowance to either texts or calls. 

What networks do you call most?

Most of us tend to call the same people over and over again, i.e. our family and our immediate circle of friends.

If the majority of them are on the same network as you, then you're probably saving yourself a fair bit of money each month, as most operators charge less for calls to their own network – or offer them free of charge within the overall bundle.

If, on the other hand, all of your friends and family are on a different network, maybe it's time to consider joining them.

Do you call mobile or landlines?

Other than calling home or the workplace, most of us tend to go the direct route when we want to talk to someone, i.e. calling their mobile number. If you check your bill, you’ll very quickly find out if this is true in your own particular case.

Once you’ve done this, you should check out the conditions of your plan to see if you're being charged a premium for calling mobiles. If so, you could consider buying an ‘add-on’, which is a bundle of calls to mobile numbers at a fixed price, e.g. 100 minutes to any mobile number for €10 per month.

Is your bill paper or electronic?

Many of us have opted to receive our bill electronically. If this is the case, there’s an added temptation to ignore the monthly email message or text to tell you that your bill is available.

If you continue to ignore the contents of your bill, however, you may well be paying too much for what you’re using each month. So make a point of checking your next bill – and see if you can make a saving simply by changing plans.

Once you’ve checked your bill, you can compare it to our wide range of plans – both bill pay and pre pay.