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With more and more new phones rolling off the production line every year, there is always a fear and a risk of complacency. Initial impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S7 – purely from a looks perspective – had led me to believe the Galaxy S7 was strikingly similar to the Galaxy S6. However, after getting ‘hands on’ with the S7, I quickly learned just how different the new Galaxy really is.

Let’s take a closer look.


While the initial design may not be a million miles away from the Galaxy S6, what Samsung has done here is tweaked what was a great design with the S6 into perfection with the S7.

While slightly thicker, the Galaxy S7 has beautiful chamfered edges making it one of the more comfortable phones to hold. The protrusion of the camera on the rear has also be reduced greatly; a fine example of how small tweaks can make a big difference.

Have you ever seen someone get pushed into a swimming pool while on their holidays, immediately fearing for the safety of their phone? Well fear no more. The team at Samsung has reintroduced waterproofing to the Galaxy range with a rating IP68. Unlike other handsets that require plugs to protect ports from water and dust, Samsung reimagined their approach and waterproofed sections of the interior.
Silver Titanium Samsung Galaxy S7 all sides view


Considering the importance of a crisp display playing a factor in the success of virtual reality, Samsung pulled out all the stops here. The 5.1-inch screen is incredible to look at, owing to its quad-HD resolution and Super AMOLED display which is a shade more vibrant than its predecessor.

A new feature, ‘Always-on Display’, does exactly what is says on the tin. When your phone is locked, a minimal display appears on the screen, showing date, time, battery and simple notification information. This feature can be disabled upon request, or by activating power saving mode, although Samsung has stated the battery used by this feature is minimal.


Samsung has excelled in this area. If you were to just read about the camera specs on the S7, your first reaction might be to see fewer megapixels than what was in the S7’s predecessor and panic. The Galaxy S7 does come with a 12MP camera, but the sensor is much improved, providing better images; particularly in low light. The quality of the images is also exceptional. Equally, with your new Samsung, you have a full suite of on-board tools to tweak them, so you can filter to your hearts content.

Perhaps one of my favourite features on the Galaxy S7 is the quick launch to camera. All you need to do, is double tap the home button when the phone is locked and you launch directly into the camera with focus ready to shoot, faster than ever, ensuring you never miss a moment.
Samsung Galaxy S7 camera quick launch gif

For your selfies, you also have a crisp 5MP front-facing camera, ensuring your Snapchats look great; especially those cool animated facial recognition filters.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes packed full of battery life, boasting a 3,000mAh battery. This will get most heavy users through a full day, while light users should be able to stretch this to two.

The new standard in the industry remains with Power Saver mode and Ultra Power Saving mode also available, ensuring you can stretch the most out of your battery life.

While wireless charging returns on Samsung’s flagship, the coolest feature in my opinion is fast-charging. Using the special charger and cable that come in the box, the Samsung Galaxy S7 can be charged from 0 to 80% in 30 minutes, and a full charge in 90 minutes. Once you get used to being able to charge your phone in a flash, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. You’ll also probably be making the most of this feature after long binges of virtual reality.

Virtual reality

Samsung Gear VRSpeaking of VR, it’s no secret that Samsung are going ‘big’ with virtual reality this year, with Mark Zuckerberg describing it as “the next platform” at the recent Samsung Unpacked event.

By teaming up with Facebook’s Oculus team to create the Gear VR, Samsung has created a truly affordable but high-quality virtual reality experience. If you pick up one of the Gear VR headsets you will be able to travel the world from your couch, or play terrifying games where the baddies sneak up behind you. Virtual reality is only going to get more popular thanks to the likes of Gear VR, so watch this space … or rather, stand in it and look around.

Any other business

One relatively small item that got the masses a little excited was the return of expandable memory. While other handsets will charge a premium for increased capacity, the inclusion of expandable memory, allows users to add up to 200GB by way of microSD card at a much smaller cost.


For what started out with a gut feeling that the S7 would only offer small improvements on its predecessor, I was more than pleasantly surprised; the Samsung Galaxy S7 delivers what is a pièce de résistance in phone design.

I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed by what is a remarkable handset.

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