The Huawei P10 is certainly an up and coming contender in the premium mobile market. Huawei are the 3rd highest selling mobile manufacture in the world, behind Apple and Samsung. It is evident to why they are competing with these companies, as the P10 is sleek in design and smooth in functionality, which will impress the masses.

One of the key points that Huawei are show casing with the Huawei P10 is new design of the phone. They have designed the phone using several different techniques. The P10 in black is sandblasted to give a matte finish. The P10 is super lightweight which helps its beautiful design as it delivers a premium feel to the P10.


The P10 design makes it is agronomic to hold, while it is extremely responsive to all commands. Huawei have moved the fingerprint sensor to the front of the phone, making it easier to access your phone. It is very impressive how responsive the P10 is, especially compared to other flagships in the market. This phone is lightning fast.

Some of the other cool features that don’t get too much recognition are the knuckle features. This does feel odd at the start, but it’s a rapid way to capture screen shots. You can also take custom screenshots. Simply just draw around your chosen content using your knuckle and it’s captured. Your desired screen grab should now be available to edit.
You can also compress the screen so it is easier to use your phone with one hand. All you do is swipe diagonally and the screen is reduced for one fingers usage.


As per the Huawei P9, the P10 comes with dual cameras. The main enhancement is the new portrait feature which, as Huawei say, puts a “studio in your pocket”. The new functionality uses 3D facial detection and natural portrait enhancements to create beautiful portrait pictures. It certainly impresses producing flawless facial images.


You can shoot 4K videos with the Huawei P10 and it has a 20MP front camera and 12MP selfie camera. It supports superior low-light photography capturing 2 times more light. This offers amazing pictures in dull lighting. It will switch to wide imaging when taking a group picture, as it pick up more bodies coming into the frame. Great for capturing fun nights out! It also captures scenic photos with great detail. All colours appear vivid.

The P10 is a beautiful phone and Huawei have ensured all the bases are covered with their latest model. This phone is fast, responsive and designed beautifully. It has an amazing camera, and the phone has plenty of cool features to impress friends. It is the ideal for anyone looking to upgrade to one of the latest and greatest phones on the market.
You can get the Huawei P10 from €599.99 on prepay or from free on a bill pay contract. Call into any Carphone Warehouse or find your nearest store here to buy the Huawei P10.