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  • September 5th 2016: We're now on the home straight leading up to the rumoured iPhone 7 launch event this Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean the rumour mill has stopped turning. In fact, KGI has released a last-minute report with some further details about what to expect on Wednesday afternoon. According to KGI the iPhone 7 will come in five colour variants, including two new colour options: ‘dark black’ and ‘piano black’ which replaces ‘space grey’. The new iPhone will also have an improved screen, which may even resemble the resolution users get with the recently announced 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Additional improvements include an upgraded camera for both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, however only the 7 Plus will get that dual camera. Equally, it looks like we might finally get a waterproof iPhone ... We'll be live blogging from the event on Wednesday so stay tuned for more.
  • August 31st 2016: Now that we finally have a date for the iPhone 7 launch, those last minute rumours are coming in thick and fast. The first one is that Apple plans to launch AirPods along with the new phone or phones next week. These proposed AirPods all but confirm that the headphone jack is not appear on the iPhone 7. The second rumour is that we could see a 256GB iPhone this year. We've already heard rumours that the storage on iPhone 7 will receive a significantly boost but could we be set to see the largest iPhone yet? 
  • August 30th 2016: The date for the potential launch of the iPhone 7 has finally been annouced as next Wednesday, September 7th. Read more here
  • August 26th 2016: While we've heard more than one rumour that the iPhone 7 might not have a home button, it now looks like we're going to have to wait until 2017 for that to come to fruition.
  • August 16th 2016: Back in black: are we truly, finally getting a black iPhone? According to TechTastic we just might be. Check out the tweet below with images of how it might look. We're fans, do you like it? 
  • August 10th 2016: Mark your diaries for September 7th as that's the day we're set to see the unveiling of the iPhone 7 according to Bloomberg. Interesting Wednesday, September 7th is the same day Sony is set to announce the PS4 Neo.
  • August 8th 2016: We've already seen a dual camera on the Huawei P9 this year and now it seems that the new iPhone will follow suit, offering a dual camera for brighter, better photographs. Similarly, according to Bloomberg, iPhone 7 will also have a pressure-sensitive home button instead of a physical one. 
  • August 5th 2016: Today's rumour is a particularly interesting one as UK-based MobileFun has made a 'hands on' video of what it claims are the new earpods we're going to see on iPhone 7. According to MobileFun, while the headphone jack will indeed be removed as we've been expecting, instead of going wireless your headphones will now plug into a Lightening port, check it out below.
  • July 28th 2016: At the start of the week Evan Blass revealed a possible launch date for the iPhone 7 and now it seems he has gained information on a pre-order date, September 9th to be exact. As this is a Friday, it's likely we'll see an Apple unveiling event on the Wednesday the 7th or Thursday the 8th of the same week. 
  • July 25th 2016: Well-known Apple 'leaker' Evan Blass has revealed that the iPhone 7 will launch on Friday, September 16th, which, if correct, is earlier than many had expected to see the latest generation of iPhone hit the market. While we have yet to hear a date for the actual reveal of the new phone, we should expect to see it some time around the first week in September. 
  • July 14th 2016: Are we finally going to see a bigger battery on iPhone with the release of the 7 later this year? If today's rumours are to be believed, it certainly appears like we see a 1960mAh battery onboard the 7.  
  • July 12th 2016: has released another tranche of images of the rumoured iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and this time – along with the headphone jack – it looks like we could also be waving goodbye to the mute button on the 7 Plus. Eagle-eyed readers will see its absence in the image below.  
Rumoured iPhone 7 Plus
  • The folks at were also kind enough to include a comparison image of the backs of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and we have to say, unlike previous iterations, these two look quite different …
Rumoured iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • July 11th 2016: Is this what the iPhone 7 will look like? According to French site it certainly could be. If this leaked image is indeed the new iPhone 7, it certainly confirms many of our suspicions about its design, namely the repositioned antenna bands on the back of the phone and the larger, but flatter camera. Unfortunately, failed to offer any clues about what the front of the phone might look like …
  • June 28th 2016: According to analysts at Cowen and Company, as reported on Business Insider, the iPhone 7 will have a Force Touch home button, meaning that while the new iPhone may have some sort of physical button it will likely be flush with the rest of the screen.
  • June 27th 2016: Those that thought we might be getting a blue iPhone 7 – aka us – could be now left disappointed if today’s rumours are to be believed. Apparently the ‘Deep Blue’ is actually closer to a ‘Space Black’ according to Apple Insider. Similarly, according to Steve Hemmerstoffer of, iPhone 7 will almost certainly be missing the audio jack but will gain a second speaker at the bottom of the handset instead. 
  • June 20th 2016: The next iPhone could have dual-SIM trays if the latest rumours are to be believed. MacRumors, via a Chinese smartphone repair shop, managed to get its hands on ‘photos’ of iPhone components that appear to show dual-SIM trays which means users could potentially use multiple networks and change depending on network coverage, pricing etc. 

  • June 10th 2016: Are we getting a blue iPhone 7 instead of the standard 'Space Grey'? If Japanese site Macotakara is to be believed, we just might be. We haven’t seen a blue iPhone since the iPhone 5c but according to Macotakara, the iPhone 7 will be available in ‘Deep Blue’. So what do you think of the new colour?
Rumoured blue iPhone 7
  • February 4th 2016: In February, MacRumors reported that  the  Phone 7 would be similar to iPhone 6 and 6s in terms of size, but that the  rear camera would sit flush with the casing and we might be seeing the end of at least some of the antenna bands on the back on the phone.  We even got a render of the rumoured design: 

  • January 2016: In January, we got two seperate pieces of news/gossip. The first was that, according to Chinese rumour site Anzhou and 9to5Mac, Apple plans to completely scrap the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7, when would lead to a slimmer phone and a focus on wireless headphones. Whether these 'headphones' will be included in the box with the phone, we have yet to hear. The second piece for information we heard on the grapevine in January, was that Apple is working on developing new wireless charging technology for its devices, including iPhone. Whether that technology will be in place by this September we have yet to hear, however it would bring Apple in-line with Samsung wireless charging capabilities. 
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