Hunting for Pikachu on Henry Street with a phone battery that's at 5%? We've got you covered at Carphone Warehouse.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last month, you've probably noticed a marked increase in the amount of people walking around town with their heads stuck in their smartphones. Yes Pokémon Go fever has well and truly hit the nation, but so too has battery anxiety, as gamers scramble around to find free sockets in cafes and restaurants to plug in their dying phones.

Luckily, from today, Pokémon Go users in Dublin city centre can pop into Carphone Warehouse stores on Grafton Street, Henry Street and in the Currys PC World store in Jervis Street Shopping Centre to get some much-needed battery juice for their overworked smartphones with our new, free Pokémon Go charging service.

We've already seen a significant increase in power banks and portable charger sales in our stores and online, as more and more people are trying to 'catch ‘em all', so we're pretty confident our new charging service will come in handy for all those Pokémon poacher out there. Check it out for yourself in one of our Dublin city centre stores. 
Pokémon Go interface
Main image by Eduardo Woo