We recently got hands on with Samsung's mid-tier Galaxy A3 2016. An update of the original A3, the 2016 version is bigger, better and offers more bang for your buck. Let's take a closer look at the specs. 

Design and display

Although it’s in the mid-tier category, we found the Galaxy A3 2016 to be just as premium as Samsung’s flagship devices. In fact the A3 quite closely resembles the Galaxy S6 in design, offering a similar sleek finish but in a smaller package – the A3’s 4.7-inch screen is slightly smaller than the S6’s 5.1-inch offering – essentially, the A3 is like an S6 mini.

Equally, the 4.7-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on the A3 means it offers great clarity while still being durable and easy-to-use with one hand. The majority of phones hitting the market these days are designed for two-hand use, which makes the A3 a nice alternative if you want an easy-to-use phone that still has a decently sized screen.
Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 full rotate


Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 cameraThe camera quality in the A3 is also good. We found the 13MP rear camera perfect for general day-to-day use. Of course if you are looking for a phone that you can use for professional looking photographs you should look towards a flagship device, but in general 13MP is just fine for the normal user.

Similarly, the 5MP front-facing camera is ideal for Snapchat use and selfies, and actually offers the same megapixels as what you’ll find in both the Galaxy S6 and the S7.

The processor in the A3 2016 is the only set back. It can be a bit slow to open apps that use a lot of different components which results in lag. However, for a mid-tier phone this can be pretty standard.

In summary the A3 2016 is a good phone for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the S6 and S7. It can be a bit slow at times depending on what you're using it for – i.e. heavy gaming – but in general for everyday use its ideal - great size, good camera and premium design.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 at Carphone Warehouse from free on bill pay and from €259 on pre pay.