SolidEnergy, the company behind a new type of lithium metal battery – which can be used in things like smartphones, wearables, drones and electric cars – has announced that it is now ready to bring its product to market. 

Speaking to MIT News, the co-founder of the battery and CEO of SolidEnergy, Qichao Hu, outlined how this new ‘anode-free’ battery works.  “With two-times the energy density, we can make a battery half the size, but that still lasts the same amount of time, as a lithium ion battery. Or we can make a battery the same size as a lithium ion battery, but now it will last twice as long,” he said.

Interesting, to create the long-lasting battery, SolidEnergy scientists removed the common anode graphite, and instead used a thin, high-energy lithium-metal foil, which can hold more ions and provide more energy capacity. Check out the process in the video below:

While we have yet to hear what manufacturers have signed up to use the SolidEnergy battery in their smartphones, considering the difference it could make to consumers, we would be surprised if at least the top four don't jump at the chance.