Easily one of the most eye-catching phones I have ever used, with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge you know you have something special.

Every year smartphone lovers are treated with the latest smartphones hitting the market. We wait in anticipation for the next big reveal. What new cool features will be introduced, who will have the biggest advancements in tech and design? This year, has seen Samsung take all the headlines with its big reveal of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Galaxy S6 Edge unpackedOne of the most eye-catching smartphones I have ever used, all thanks to its curved screen creating something not seen before in a smartphone. With the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge you know you have something special in your hands.

Samsung has pulled out all the stops to help you part ways with your hard earned cash and through this review I will reveal why I feel with the Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung are edging towards perfection.

The look and feel

In an ocean of smartphones the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is sure to stand out from the crowd. The best words I can use to sum up its look and feel is 'stunning and premium' from start to finish. It comes in an all metal frame, glass rear with the body colour clearly visible through it and a curved Gorilla Glass front display. The glass and metal finish oozes class and the curved edges make this phone feel incredibly thin in your hand.

It's so shiny and reflective it catches and reflects light a lot making you spend time turning it over in your hands just to admire. For this review, I have been using the S6 edge in white pearl but it come in an array of other fancy colours such as black sapphire and gold and platinum.
Galaxy S6 Edge side view
The home button sits below the screen and has an integrated fingerprint sensor which works with only a tap, really neat, tidy and simple to use.

Galaxy S6 front viewThere’s no denying that the 5.1-inch quad HD Super AMOLED display is one of the clearest and dazzling displays you will see on a phone. The picture pops off the screen from one side of the screen to the other.

Measuring 142mm in length, 7mm thick and weighing 132 grams it's extremely thin and light. One thing I didn’t like here was I felt it was slightly too narrow on the sides for one hand use and at times it could be difficult to grip. You need to be careful not to accidentally activate something on screen or let the phone drop (I would recommend buying a case for added protection).  It’s the cost of having almost the entire screen to use, but one I could defiantly live with.

The tech stuff

The S6 edge arrives with Android 5.0.2 OS and is one of first flagship Samsung device to feature Samsung’s own Exynos octa-core processor. There’s a quad-core 1.5GHz cpu paired with a quad core 2.1GHz cpu alongside and 3GB RAM, giving you excellent performance, reaction and response times while using multiple apps.

There is no micro SD card slot for adding extra storage but it does come with Microsoft OneDrive with 100GB of free online storage in the cloud.

Giving it the edge

The main use for the curved edges focus around your favorite contacts, a small translucent tab at the top of the screen can be used to slide out and gain access to your favorite five (colour coded) contacts. These flash in there set colours when one of your five stored contacts call (looks trendy when the phone is turned upside down).

It's a useful feature, one that works incredibly well when using the phone with both hands. Trying to activate it single-handedly, however, is a little trickier, as the curve's make it difficult, meaning you are as likely to swipe to the next home screen or accidentally open the weather widget than open the contacts tab. Still, with a bit of practice it became much easier to open with a single swipe, and it's certainly much faster than having to dive into our contacts every time you want to call someone.
Galaxy S6 Edge camera 

Picture perfect

The S6 edge comes with a 16MPl rear camera with optical image stabilisation and tracking autofocus, so your images remain clear and steady even if you’re trying to take a quick snap while on the move.

You can launch the camera by double tapping on the home button even if the fingerprint lock is active. The front camera is 5MP with a wide angle lens, for those who like their group selfies this is a great feature. Both cameras are quick, clear and effective with very impressive results.

Used outside in good light, the S6 edge’s camera is up there as one of the best I have ever used, capturing lots of fine detail in every snap, even when zoomed. On the video side of things, you can capture full HD footage so you are sure to capture all of those memorial moments in great detail.
Galaxy S6 camera capabilities

The verdict: I want one!

By now you may have gathered from the review I was very impressed by what the S6 edge delivered. It's the first Android phone I have used in over two years and I couldn't let it down. It’s gorgeous, powerful and has no major flaws. The camera is amazing and it has great battery life for such a high-spec and high-quality smartphone.

The sleek design and curved screen make it stand out from the crowd and very desirable for anyone looking for that wow factor (or just to show off). Its expensive but there's nothing wrong with indulging and treating yourself because there are no compromises or trade-offs when it comes to perfection. Best go raid the piggy bank.

Image credits: Samsung.

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