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Lifeline Insurance - Policy Details

We offer an insurance product called Lifeline which covers Mobile Phones & Lifeline Digital covering Laptops, MP3 players and Satellite navigation units.

How do I get in contact with Lifeline?

You can get in contact with our lifeline department through email or phone.

Phone: 1850 424800  (select option 2)

How long will it take to process a claim?

We commit to have an update on your claim within 72 hours after the claim is made      

I have made a successful claim, what replacement equipment will I get?

In the event that you have made a claim which has been accepted we will replace your equipment with the same equipment again or a like for like replacement where the equipment you had insured is no longer available.

We will not offer you a replacement based on price as the price can vary, we will provide a replacement where the specification and functionality will remain the same.

Will I have to pay anything if I claim?

Yes, if you have made a successful insurance claim you will be liable to pay an excess fee. An excess fee is the first portion of any insurance claim that a customer agrees to pay themselves. An excess fee applies to all insurance policies such as home, motor or health insurance.

Excess fees are usually deducted from the claim under an insurance policy. However Carphone Warehouse does not issue cash payments to customer under Lifeline insurance.  As we simply replace your equipment then we must take the excess payment for this in store before finalising the claim.    

What is the duration of my policy?

The length of your policy will be determined by the method used to purchase the policy. If you pay for your policy upfront in store you will be entitled to one full years worth of cover.
If you are paying by direct debit your policy will remain in force for as long as you continue to make payment against the policy.

What is my payment frequency?

The payment frequency of your policy will be determined by the method used to purchase the policy. If your policy is paid for at the point of sale this is the only payment made against your policy. If your policy is direct debit we will debit your current account  on the first bank day of the month. However at the start of every direct debit policy we will take 3 payments within the first 2 months. The reason for this is to establish your insurance cover one month in advance of your payments.

Why do I need to Bar and Blacklist (not applicable to Lifeline Digital) my phone?

Every phone has a serial number called an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). When a handset is purchased and registered with network the IMEI is associated to the customers account.

If the handset is lost or stolen the customer must report this to their network with 24 hours of the theft or loss occurring. The network needs to be instructed to Blacklist the IMEI. This will mean the network will disable your phone rendering it useless to anyone who finds it.

Along with the phones serial number the customer needs to Bar their mobile number. This will mean no one can use the handset and can not run up a bill or use any call credit. The customer can get a new SIM card through a process called a SIM exchange which will activate the customer’s mobile number on a different SIM card. The customer can get a sim exchange in any of our Carphone Warehouse stores.   

Additional information on a claim

In some cases we may need additional information surrounding how the theft, loss or damage occurred. In cases where a property, premises or vehicle has been broken into or damaged as a result of a robbery we will require proof of forcible entry or exit.

This report can be a Gardai incident report or a letter from an insurer stating that the damage is going to be covered under the relevant insurance policy. i.e. if a car is broken into a letter from your motor insurer or from the garage repairing the damage will suffice as confirmation.    

Why is my claim referred?

If your claim is referred this means that the Insurance team need more information. If this is the case then we will inform the store where you made the claim & we will write to you at the last known address on our system. 80% of all claims made with the Carphone Warehouse are accepted without being referred. 

To make a Lifeline / Lifeline Digital insurance claim a customer must fill out a claim form from Carphone Warehouse. Customers are required to complete in full each section on the claim form disclosing all relevant information in exact detail.

There are two different types of claims that can be made.

Lifeline Repair claims

If the customer’s handset has been damaged we will always attempt to repair the handset. As a result the handset will be sent away to our repair partner, Fonfix, who will attempt to repair it. If the handset can be repaired under the handset manufactures warranty it will be done so. Failing that the insurance policy will cover the cost of the repair.

If this repair is unsuccessful the phone will be classified as ‘Beyond Economical Repair’ (BER). At this point the customers insurance will cover them for a ‘like for like’ replacement.

Where this phone is no longer available from a Carphone Warehouse store we will replace it with a phone with similar specifications & functionality as the insured phone.

Lifeline Theft or loss claims

If the phone has been stolen or has been lost the customer will need to contact their service provider and have your phone Barred and Blacklisted (see section titled ‘Bar and Blacklist) within 24 hours of the theft or loss occurring.

The customer will also need to get a documented report from the Gardai Siochana or relevant police authority if they outside of Ireland, for a time no longer than 60 days, stating the date the report of the theft or loss was made. The customer can also get Carphone Warehouse claim form stamped by The Gardai Siochana. We must have a documented and dated report within 48 hours of the incident occurring.

Claim forms are available from all Carphone Warehouse stores or by logging on to our website and going through our lifeline page. The lifeline claim form is located in the useful information section of our homepage.

* Lifeline Digital does not cover loss, however the same theft procedure applies.

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