Mid-range handsets can offer high-quality for great prices; however, you also run the risk of ending up with a sub-standard handset. Here, we check out the Samsung Galaxy A3 to see how it performs compared to the best in its class.

Samsung has a very good reputation when it comes to mid-range handsets, with the Galaxy SIII Mini still
holding its own today, after three years on the market. This led us to set the bar very high for the A3.

First impressions

Samsung prides itself on the Galaxy A3 possessing a ‘full metal design’, and while the A3 may lack a premium ‘something’ – which you’ll inevitably find in Samsung’s flagship S range of phones – the build quality and materials used in the A3 are something the mid-range handset market has been missing for quite some time. Until now, many handsets in this range have only offered a plastic build; proof that the Galaxy A3 is indeed entering the market to shake things up.


Of course any smartphone worth its salt is judged on its secondary functions – meaning the camera – and particularly the front-facing selfie-friendly camera – has become an all-important feature.

The Galaxy A3 boasts an 8MP rear-facing camera and an amazing 5MP front-facing camera. Perhaps most impressive is the gesture controlled front-facing shutter. In order to take a selfie, you simply hold your palm to the lens – meaning no more fumbling for the shutter button!

The quality of the shots themselves are great. Below, we’ve taken some comparison shots with the Galaxy A3 and an iPhone 5, which also has an 8MP camera.

Samsung Galaxy A3 camera


The full AMOLED screen of the Galaxy A3 really impresses. While the resolution is forced to suffer slightly, the overall viewing experience is still rather enjoyable.

Who’s it for?

This is where the Galaxy A3 gets interesting. Whether you want a great affordable pre pay phone or a good value entry level bill pay handset, the Galaxy A3 seems to tick a lot of boxes.

While some readers may have had flagship handsets in the past, and are wary of the ‘step down’, you can be rest assured the ‘step-down’ is hardly recognisable. The Galaxy A3 is a mid-range handset which punches well above its weight.

The Samsung Galaxy A3 is available now online at Carphonewarehouse.ie.